Clogged Drain? Maybe a Drain Cleaner isn’t the Solution


If the toilet or sink is clogged, your first thoughts may be to head out to the local hardware store to snag a drain cleaner. However, that is the last option to take when there is a clog within your plumbing system. Although these cleaners are manufacture by many brands and sold at most retailers offering such products for the home, most plumbers recommend that you do not use them. It just isn’t worth the problems that you’ll experience when the drain cleaners are used to unclog the toilet or sink on a regular basis.

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No, the plumber isn’t trying to get an extra service from you. Drain cleaners hurt your pipes and plumbing system and there are many studies that report this fact. Additionally, Consumer Reports state that the drain cleaners are ineffective in about 90% of their applications. Using the drain cleaners sold at stores is only going to worsen the problems that you endure, as well as the expenses you’re out. It is much easier to pick up the phone and call the pros and avoid these troubles.

When your drains are clogged, a call to the plumber is the best solution. Plumbers offer many solutions to the drain problem that will not cause more mishaps and blunders later down the line. Plus, the results are much faster so you will not endure the headaches of a clogged drain longer than necessary. Although the costs of naperville drain cleaning vary from one job to another, the average price homeowners pay for the service varies from $120 – $400. Most plumbers guarantee their work, so it is safe to say that the money spent to hire them to clean the drains is well spent. Your worries are gone when a plumber is on-call!